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The cases were made from brass and had a unique lip and flange on the lide and case. The purpose of the lip was to stop premature curling or lifting of the material attached to the lighter. These materials were prone to lift or bubble over the years. To find one without these imperfections is nearly impossible. They had a gold leaf border on the front and back, and script style logo on the base. Custom logos or initials could also be ordered for a small fee.

This recall involves the Zippo Slatkin & Co. candle lighters with date codes G09 or H The lighters are finished in high-polish chrome or white with a chrome nozzle. The lighter uses refillable butane fuel and measures inches long and 1 inch wide.

Dating Canadian Zippos There are numerous sites around the internet that give dating charts for Zippo Lighters, and there are also dating guides in many of the Zippo Books. Dating lighters made at the Canadian factory is a little more difficult, and often confusing, but with a little detective work, many of the clues are there.

There is still much work and research to be done, and this page is by no means complete. If you can add any information please feel free to contact me The factory in Canada opened in and closed in Codes were not used on the lighters until , so we have to look closely at the bottom stamp and the insert to try to determine the date of manufacture.

It is not unknown for Lighters from Canada to to be shipped with Bradford stamped inserts, so this can sometimes be a help. The first stamp used on the base of the lighter bore the legend “PAT. This was used on lighters manufactured until around the end of The insert also had the same legend. There are many examples of “Pat Pend” cases with “Pat ” inserts see below these lighters would have been made around the time of the changeover at the end of using stock cases and newer inserts.

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The spring style changes at this time, from a humped spring to a narrow flat spring. At this time, the insert stamp was on the bottom section of the insert. Notice the location of the “0” in in relation to the “D” in Ltd. The 0 is pushed to the left. The flintwheel has a hollow rivet. The “0” in was now further right of the “D” in “LTD”.

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It stands with famous landmarks as a symbol of the U. Available to the people of the United States since , the Zippo lighter is presently sold in more than 90 countries throughout the world, and has achieved great popularity as a dependable lifetime product. Lighters are a recent addition to the world of collecting. They lend themselves beautifully to the hobby: Lighters are part of a rich and creative movement that expanded the traditional world of collecting. Art, jewels, cars, rare books, and oriental rugs have recently been joined by household items like sugar cube wrappings, price tags, and cigar bands.

Until now unexploitable, these items are well suited to would-be collectors who want a “little” hobby tailored to their budget.


Dating Zippo Lighters Since , most Zippo lighters have carried a date code stamped on the base. Originally this was intended as a quality control record, so that lighters returned for repair could be identified as to when they were manufactured and if, for example, a number of lighters were returned with the same fault then Zippo could identify a possible defect in the manufacturing process or even a supplier of one of the components.

Even prior to the coding system we can go some way to identifying the approximate year of manufacture, as the stamping on the bottom has changed slightly over the years. Lighters assembled at the Canadian factory are covered here – Dating Canadian Lighters As lighters are meant to be used, coins or keys carried in the same pocket can cause scratches on the bottom of the lighter so it is necessary to look very carefully at the bottom, as the marking can be quite difficult to make out.

On the image below we can clearly see that there are four dots, either side of the word Zippo.

Date Codes. As with most collectibles, the date of manufacture of a Zippo lighter often affects its value. Valuable information on the bottom of every Zippo windproof lighter can .

Dating “Pre Coded” Zippos – The date coding on Zippo lighters was introduced in late , so lighters made after this date are very easy to identify. Earlier lighters are much more difficult to date accurately. I am going to start with the last undated lighter as this is the easiest to date. This lighter was made between and and is identifiable by what is known as the “Full Stamp”.

The base has three lines of text and is the only uncoded version to carry the Patent Number This page contains details of how I set about dating these lighters and contains valuable information as to what to look for.

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A Chinese merchant with extensive connections in the Saigon Government was able to get “concessions” and controlled much of the actual lighter business. He has discovered the attractive appeal of the Zippo to the tourist looking for the exotic. The more the sentence engraved into the lighter was bawdy, more they bought it. Americans left thousand of new plain Zippos when they withdrew and this merchant recuperated them through his familiar network.

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The History Of Zippo Lighter Dating

Can you use charcoal lighter fluid in a Zippo lighter? Not recommended, as it is kerosene based, and the flash point is too low, and this would make lighting difficult. For fueling a Zippo, a gallon of Coleman fuel will literately last a lifetime. This is not recommended! Charcoal fluid is not designed to be used in a cigarette lighter. Since it is designed to be used with a match and charcoal, it does not work well with a Zippo.

The polished chrome lighter features the branded emblem of the branch and features Zippo’s patented technology that promises a light with every flip of the lid. Engrave the body and lid of the lighter with their name, military rank, motto or a special date.

A survey found that 98 people out of had some sort of knowledge about Zippo. Blaisdell watched a friend try to light a cigarette using an Austrian lighter. In the fall of , Mr. Blaisdell made modifications to the lighter, while still using the chimney, which was a rectangular case with hinge attached to the top of that could withstand the elements. The first Zippo lighter was produced in early Application for the original Zippo patent was filed on May 17, , and patent number was granted on March 3, A second patent, number was issued on August 1,

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Carey Last James Date coding on the bottom of every Zippo lighters case is the Zippo Producing Company’s means of identifying when a particular Zippo lighter was created, whereas it may be dots, dashes, dates or maybe how the word “Zippo” is written. Date coding is a procedure that was adopted by the Zippo Producing Company for quality management purposes. The date coding procedure was initial started in the mid fifty’s when the date codes were stamped on the underside of the Zippo lighter’s case.

Though the initial purpose for date coding was for quality management, the procedure became an invaluable tool for the Zippo lighter collector. The date code allows the collectors to determine the age of the Zippo lighter at a glance.

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Outside hinge with 3 barrels: Many of the early hinges were replaced, as have been some later ones, so the hinge barrel count is not always absolutely accurate as it is possible a repair replacement has been made. The appearance wasn’t so great and there was a tendency to rust, so a black crackle paint was used on these lighters. Black crackle Zippos were apparently produced only for shipment to armed forces overseas and none were produced for domestic sales. The difference between a and Zippo can be determined by the insert as the ones had markings on them.

The information presented here came from researching a number of Internet sites with bits and pieces from each.

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