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The country was finally annexed and dissolved at the end of the Second Anglo-Sikh War in into separate princely states and the British province of Punjab. Eventually, a Lieutenant Governorship was formed in Lahore as a direct representative of the British Crown. Partition of Punjab[ edit ] The Punjab region , with its rivers. The land of the Punjabi People The independence of India and Pakistan, and the subsequent partition of Punjab, is considered by historians to be the beginning of the end of the British Empire. However, the growth of Muslim nationalism led to the All India Muslim League becoming the dominant party in the elections. As Muslim separatism increased, the opposition from Punjabi Hindus and Sikhs increased substantially. Communal violence on the eve of Indian independence led to the dismissal of the coalition government, although the succeeding League ministry was unable to form a majority. Along with the province of Bengal, Punjab was partitioned on religious lines — the Muslim-majority West becoming part of the new Muslim state of Pakistan, and the Hindu and Sikh East remaining in India.

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Kehar Hoshiarpuri is 76 years old and was born on 1/20/ Currently, he lives in Orlando, FL; and previously lived in Oviedo, mes Kehar goes by various nicknames including kehar s hoshiarpuri and kehar singh hoshiarpuri. He has a reported annual income of $40, – $49,

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History[ edit ] Most of the area occupied by present-day Shimla city was dense forest during the 18th century. The only civilisation was the Jakhoo temple and a few scattered houses. The Gurkha leaders were quelled by storming the fort of Malaun under the command of David Ochterlony in May In a diary entry dated 30 August , the Gerard brothers, who surveyed the area, describe Shimla as “a middling-sized village where a fakir is situated to give water to the travellers”.

Three years later, his successor and the Scottish civil servant Charles Pratt Kennedy built the first pucca house in the area in , near what is now the Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly building.

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India Meteorological Department record high and low up to , snow, — [28] [29] [30] Skating at Simla, c. Recently a Model Career Centre has been set-up at Regional Employment Exchange, Shimla to enable bridging the gap between job-seekers and employers. In addition to being the local hub of transport and trade, Shimla is the area’s healthcare centre, hosting a medical college and four major hospitals: The city’s development plan aims make Shimla an attractive health tourism spot. Shimla leads the list of Indian cities with the highest ranked hotels.

Along with schools of higher education, several institutes are also present, namely Himachal Pradesh University and Indian Institute of Advanced Study. Recruitment to the IAAS is through the joint competitive examinations the Civil Services Examination and through promotion from the subordinate cadre. These have added to the economy of the district as well as the state. Government is trying to promote technology and IT sector as the new area for growth and promotion [35] although not many companies have yet settled in Shimla.

There are many new startups in and around Shimla. There are over six call centres in Shimla, including Alturist Technologies and 31 Parallel.

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Caste In South Asia the caste system has been a dominating aspect of social organization for thousands of years. Some jatis have occupational names, but the connection between caste and occupational specialization is limited. Based on names alone, it is possible to identify more than 2, jatis. However, it is common for there to be several distinct groups bearing the same name that are not part of the same marriage network or local caste system. In India virtually all nontribal Hindus and many adherents of other faiths even Muslims, for whom caste is theoretically anathema recognize their membership in one of those hereditary social communities.

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A computer will not understand any program written in a language, other than its machine language. The programs written in other languages must be translated into the machine language. Such translation is performed with the help of software. A program which translates an assembly language program into a machine language program is called an assembler. If an assembler which runs on a computer and produces the machine codes for the same computer then it is called self assembler or resident assembler.

If an assembler that runs on a computer and produces the machine codes for other computer then it is called Cross Assembler. Assemblers are further divided into two types: One pass assembler is the assembler which assigns the memory addresses to the variables and translates the source code into machine code in the first pass simultaneously. A Two Pass Assembler is the assembler which reads the source code twice.

In the first pass, it reads all the variables and assigns them memory addresses. In the second pass, it reads the source code and translates the code into object code. It is a program which translates a high level language program into a machine language program. A compiler is more intelligent than an assembler.

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What happens if you DO eat silica gel? Annie, Edinburgh Alone, silica gel is non-toxic, non-flammable and chemically unreactive. However, some of the beads may be doped with a moisture indicator, such as cobalt II chloride, which is carcinogenic. Cobalt II chloride is deep blue when dry anhydrous and pink when moist hydrated. This is the reason most silica gel packets are labeled as dangerous or poisonous when eaten.

India – Caste: In South Asia the caste system has been a dominating aspect of social organization for thousands of years. A caste, generally designated by the term jati (“birth”), refers to a strictly regulated social community into which one is born. Some jatis have occupational names, but the connection between caste and occupational specialization is limited.

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