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According to a Midrash , the name is a combination of Yhwh Yir’eh “God will see to it”, the name given by Abraham to the place where he began to sacrifice his son and the town ” Shalem “. The mountains of Judah belong to him, to the God of Jerusalem”. In Greek and Latin the city’s name was transliterated Hierosolyma Greek: Other early Hebrew sources, [68] early Christian renderings of the verse [69] and targumim , [70] however, put Salem in Northern Israel near Shechem or Sichem , now Nablus , a city of some importance in early sacred Hebrew writing. History of Jerusalem Given the city’s central position in both Jewish nationalism Zionism and Palestinian nationalism , the selectivity required to summarize some 5, years of inhabited history is often influenced by ideological bias or background see Historiography and nationalism. Overview of Jerusalem’s historical periods Further information: Timeline of Jerusalem Age Any city, Jerusalem included, can be defined either in current administrative terms, as the area declared by legal means to be part of a municipality; or in historical terms, as the city which resulted from a process of urban development, united into one entity by a common territory, history and by virtue of its natural and social characteristics. This spreads to any related issue, such as defining the age of the city.

Second Temple-era Jerusalem inscription stuns archaeologists

Map of Abram and Melchizedek The Central Ridge Route was the main artery of traffic in the region, passing directly through ancient Jerusalem. Jerusalem history, thus, was tied to the other cities along this route. The early history of Jerusalem included struggles with ancient Shechem for control of the central hill country. The two cities would be rivals throughout much of history. Jerusalem would eventually come to occupy four hills located on two ridges, the eastern ridge and the western ridge.

These two ridges were each flanked by a valley, and separated by another valley as well.

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Where to eat You’re Going to Love Jerusalem In few places does the ancient blend with the modern as it does in Jerusalem. This historic city is holy to three of the world’s religions: Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, yet its incredible religious importance is only part of its status as a vibrant capital and cultural center. Jerusalem’s old city may earn most of the attention from guidebooks, but the many different neighborhoods of the city each contribute their own particular charm to the whole.

Art, cuisine, nightlife, and more bring people from all over the world to this thriving urban center. Whether you’re interested in the city’s ancient history, which stretches back well over 3, years, or in its lively markets, you’ll be surprised by what you find in Jerusalem. Top 5 Reasons to Visit Jerusalem 1. Amazing History Jerusalem’s ancient and modern history both provide countless stories and lessons for the interested visitor.

How to Impress Your Date: 8 Great Ideas in the Jerusalem Area

A unique stone inscription dating back to the Second Temple period with Jerusalem spelled in full was recently uncovered in the Israeli capital. The most significant part was a stone column drum, reused in the Roman structure, upon which the Aramaic inscription appears, written in Hebrew letters typical of the Second Temple Period.

But even more unique is the complete spelling of the name as we know it today, which usually appears in the shorthand version. This unusual spelling is also seen in the Bible, where Jerusalem appears times, with only five mentions at a relatively late date using the full spelling.

Dating Jerusalem Occupants of Jerusalem Picture of Judean Wilderness Tribal Map of Jerusalem Hills and Valleys of Jerusalem City of David Model Map of Abram and Melchizedek. The Central Ridge Route was the main artery of traffic in the region, passing directly through ancient Jerusalem. Jerusalem history, thus, was tied to the other cities.

In the subject of dating the time of writing of the books of the New Testament, its primary significance is that none of the books of the New Testament give any sign that they were written after this event, and many of the books show evidence that they were written before it. Here, we will briefly review the history of this war, then follow with a survey of some New Testament readings which look to be written prior to it.

The Jews in Jerusalem rebelled and staged a successful attack on the Roman garrison in Jerusalem. The Roman legate of Syria, Cestius Gallus, marched to Jerusalem to attack it, but after initial resistance, his nerve failed him and he ordered a retreat. Roman armor was not designed for fighting a retreating battle in difficult terrain, and Jewish pursuit turned the retreat into a rout, with nearly the entire Roman twelfth legion being destroyed.

This initial failed Roman attempt on Jerusalem may figure into a New Testament passage, and we will return to it later. In political and military terms, this defeat convinced the Romans of the seriousness of the Jewish revolt. Around this time, the Christian community in Jerusalem evacuated to Pella in Jordan. Vespasian concentrated first on reducing Jewish resistance in the Galilee area, and several extremely violent battles were fought there.

The war went on hiatus for a year in 68 A.

Old City (Jerusalem)

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The Via Dolorosa pilgrimage is followed by Christians of many denominations, but especially Catholics and Orthodox. Originally, Byzantine pilgrims followed a similar path to the one taken today, but did not stop along the way. Over the centuries, the route has changed several times. By the 8th century, the route had changed: The Middle Ages saw two rival routes, based on a split in the Latin Church: From the 14th to 16th centuries, pilgrims followed the Franciscan route, which began at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and included eight stations.

Around this time, the tradition of 14 Stations of the Cross was developing in Europe. To avoid disappointing European pilgrims, the difference was made up with the addition of six more stations.

Via Dolorosa, Jerusalem

The soldiers were contacted via phony Facebook accounts, often with the stolen identities of young women, asking to chat on WhatsApp. They were then sent links to the apps, which were listed on the Google Play store and have since been removed. He said a third sham app, Golden Cup, promoted as a World Cup live scores and fixtures aid, was advertised to soldiers in Hebrew on Facebook.

The importance of strengthening our Palestinian presence and maintain our historical rights in Jerusalem cannot be over-emphasized as the late Faisal Al- Husseini once put it: “The existence of Palestinian organizations in Jerusalem is a reflection of the Palestinian people’s existence.”.

This article is over 10 months old Play Video 0: Despite the warning, members voted on Thursday in favour of the resolution supporting the longstanding international consensus that the status of Jerusalem — which is claimed as a capital by both Israel and the Palestinians — can only be settled as an agreed final issue in a peace deal. Countries which voted for the resolution included major recipients of US aid such as Egypt, Afghanistan and Iraq.

But only nine states — including the United States and Israel —voted against the resolution. Germany — which in the past has abstained on measures relating to Israel — also voted in favour. While support for the resolution was somewhat less than Palestinian officials had hoped, the meagre tally of just nine votes in support of the US and Israeli position was a serious diplomatic blow for Trump.

Jerusalem: Jewish and Muslim Claims to the Holy City

See Article History Alternative Titles: Long an object of veneration and conflict, the holy city of Jerusalem has been governed, both as a provincial town and a national capital, by an extended series of dynasties and states. In the early 20th century the city, along with all of historic Palestine, became the focus of the competing national aspirations of Zionists and Palestinian Arabs. This struggle often erupted in violence.

Either way, a pre-destruction of Jerusalem dating of the Revelation is easily sustained. The Mystic Number Of The Beast John was given a vision of two great beasts: One arose from the sea the other arose from the earth. (Rev. ,11) The “sea” beast is Imperial Rome, the “earth” beast is Roman occupied Palestine-Judea.

The Bible describes the city as heavily fortified with a strong city wall , a fact confirmed by archaeology. The city was largely extended westwards after the Neo-Assyrian destruction of the northern Kingdom of Israel and the resulting influx of refugees. The entire city was totally destroyed by the Romans in 70 CE.

The northern part of the city was rebuilt by the Emperor Hadrian around , under the name Aelia Capitolina. In the Byzantine period Jerusalem was extended southwards and again enclosed by city walls. He granted its inhabitants an assurance treaty.

Jerusalem: Jewish and Muslim Claims to the Holy City

The new resolution raised questions about whether Mr. Trump would deliver on his threat on Wednesday to withhold American aid from countries that broke ranks with the United States. While he has significant legal latitude to do so, experts said it would be very difficult to substantially cut off countries like Egypt and Jordan that are strategic partners of the United States in the Middle East. Jerusalem is our capital.

The core of Jerusalem, Old City, has a history that stretches back more than 3, years. The present street plan dates largely from Byzantine times, with the walls and ramparts dating back to .

The findings, based on soil samples taken from under a seven-meter thick walled tower, shave nearly a thousand years from previous archaeological dating of the structure, which placed it c. Discussions on the foundation and borders of Israelite-era Jerusalem are often rife with accusations of Jewish nationalism trumping evidential facts. Likewise, it is the location described in I Kings 1: It could not have been in existence when King David reportedly captured it, meaning it is probably not the biblical Fortress of Zion.

Sedimentary evidence Archaeologist Shukron spent 15 years excavating the Spring Citadel, which is a centerpiece of the City of David archaeological experience. Visitors there are shown a film projected onto the Spring Citadel, and the voice-over explains the Canaanite-period construction. Since , the IAA has performed excavations along the outer, eastern face of the Spring Tower, part of the citadel.

Recently, a team of archaeologists headed by Dr. Joe Uziel and Nahshon Szanton observed that the tower does not sit on bedrock but rather on layers of soil, according to the recent study, published June 6 through Cambridge University Press. Recently uncovered remains of a massive stone tower built to guard Gihon Spring — a vital water supply just downhill from the ancient city of Jerusalem Weizmann Institute The discovery of these organically based sediment layers opened up the possibility of analyzing the soil through radiocarbon dating, rather than a dating based on the shapes and materials of discovered artifacts that was previously performed.

Anything found below the base would predate its construction. As part of ongoing cooperative research projects with the IAA, Dr.

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