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A significant early American steam locomotive, hiding in plain sight. Untangling the complicated histories of some early imported locomotives. Pete Claussen The Daniel Nason: Preston Cook Collection Single copies: Among the major characters were villains, heroes and even antiheroes. As the story unfolded, the characters engaged in high-stakes actions that are complicated by intrigue in the executive suite, dramatic personality conflicts, a complex web of legal issues, and of course salacious gossip, accusations of sexual misconduct and tales of personal enrichment.

Railroad Antiques, Collectibles & Memorabilia

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This page provides a directory of websites offering railroad antiques, collectibles and memorabilia including toy trains, lanterns, keys, watches, bells, whistles, china, .

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Main Line Railways Connect Distant Cities, States

Chicago – Seattle The Northern Pacific’s route closely followed this fabled journey which departed from St. Louis in May of The two individuals responsible for the historic endeavor included Captain Merriweather Lewis and Lieutenant William Clark, both Virginians. A Pictorial History” by author and historian Charles R.

The Rivetti Bar Stool highlights reclaimed rivets from authentic railroad cars. The seat is adjustable by ” and the handle can be customized with a sphere (shown) or railroad spike accents.

Railroads like Seaboard Air Line Railway that were started after will not have as many valuable collectibles or antiques as older lines. Railroads from this period tend to have more items left so collectors have a much easier time finding items like passes, timetables, and manuals. The types of items that will be valuable are typically unique or significant items like builder’s plates, daters, sealers, signs, and rarer lanterns.

Seaboard Air Line Railway operated after which means that many of the most common items you might find will not be especially valuable, these include items like timetables, pinbacks, menus, and other promotional items given out by the railroad. These items tend to be quite common on the market today and typically will be worth only a couple dollars.

If a railroad antique is dated or later, chances are that unless it is a very unique item, it will not be worth much if you want to sell. Railroads that ran service to as many states as Seaboard Air Line Railway are fairly rare because it requires a large railroad to cover ground in 6 different states. Since Seaboard Air Line Railway was so large, most items from it will tend to be more common than items from smaller lines.

However, large railroads also touched the lives of many more people and were much more well known so while items are more common, there is also a larger demand for them. Value for items from a line like Seaboard Air Line Railway can be in a huge range from a couple dollars for something small like a pinback or deck of cards, to thousands for a builder’s plate off a famous locomotive or hundreds for a hard to find lantern. If you’re done looking at information for Seaboard Air Line Railway then head back to look at our other pages and guides on railroad antiques and railroad memorabilia values:

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We also offer a collection of custom made maps of abandoned trails, phantom and ghost trails, and lost trails in Acadia National Park – and all maps are free. It was a small cog train that ran from one end of Eagle Lake up to the summit of green Mountain- renamed later to Cadillac Mountain. The company would go bankrupt and the rails and tracks were torn up and sold, but the railroad spikes had to remain in place because they had been driven so deep into the granite of Cadillac Mountain they could not be removed.

And though accounts state all of the rail was removed, this is not the case, one sole section of rail remains in place on the side of Cadillac Mountain.

Home / Custom Hairpin Leg Furniture. Category: Custom Hairpin Leg Furniture Posted on April 25 and bench legs. But did you know we sell the hooks you need for railroad spike coat racks as well? We do! unique specimen, this mosaic tile hairpin leg table is an original. David at Marzipan Mummy says this table is a rescue dating back to.

The development of railroads was one of the most important phenomena of the Industrial Revolution. With their formation, construction and operation, they brought profound social, economic and political change to a country only 50 years old. Over the next 50 years, America would come to see magnificent bridges and other structures on which trains would run, awesome depots, ruthless rail magnates and the majesty of rail locomotives crossing the country. The railroad was first developed in Great Britain.

A man named George Stephenson successfully applied the steam technology of the day and created the world’s first successful locomotive. Even rails were largely imported from England until the Civil War. This stereograph of the Central Pacific Railroad would have appeared three-dimensional when viewed through special glasses.

Baltimore, the third largest city in the nation in , had not invested in a canal.

Fayetteville, TN to Jeff, AL

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Oct 26,  · How to date railroad spikes I went for a walk along the railroad track by my inlaws house and found a bunch of spikes. Does anyone know how to .

These specific examples were unearthed at excavations of a Roman settlement near Galilee. Ex-Italian collection, acquired in the ‘s. Ancient Roman iron “Crucifixion spike” dating from the 1st-2nd century AD. A nice and very long example, well preserved! A nice and large piece, well preserved for iron!

Slightly rounded head, bend in shaft from use! Slight bend in shaft, likely due to use in antiquity. From an old European collection. Great state of preservation.

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This interesting collection represents different specimens of road and railroad construction, from the most primitive form of early times to the highest perfection of the modern steel rail. The articles, most of which were real samples, and some of which were in part or wholly reproductions, were taken from the Museum of Permanent Way, which is one of the institutions of Osnabruck. This museum owes its foundation to the fact that the company named above has for many years been identified with the railroad interests of the world, and had the requisite enterprise and enlightenment to organize this most interesting collection.

In point of time the earliest age of transit is represented by the plankroad Fig. This exhibit is an actual piece of a road laid about the fifth year of the Christian era, by Domitius. It is now covered with six feet of peat and moss. It was excavated in It is to some extent the predecessor of our modern plank roads. It will be noticed bow the planks are split out radially from the trunk. It is said that after exhumation it had to be dried in the dark to prevent it from falling to fragments.

This structure, laid on longitudinal sleepers, and not intended so much for wheeled vehicles as for horse and infantry, is followed Fig. Here we have wooden rails simply spiked down on wooden sleepers.

Transcontinental Railroad

The First Transcontinental Railroad was built crossing the western half of America and it was pieced together between and It was 1, miles long and served for the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of the United States to be connected by rail for the first time in history. The Transcontinental Railroad was also known as the Pacific Railroad for a while and later on as the Overland Route — after the main passenger transport service that operated the line.

The idea of building such a line was present in America for decades before the construction was authorized by the Pacific Railroad Acts of and This was the time of the American Civil War and the southern Democrats who opposed the idea before were now absent from Congress so the Republicans used the opportunity to vote the construction of the transcontinental railroad without them.

They chose two independent companies, the Union Pacific Railroad and Central Pacific Railroad and supported the project by issuing US government bonds.

2 large dating old railroad spikes weights, i got this clock this weekend at an estate sale. Railroads such as the Union Pacific traditionally own and operate both their rolling stock and infrastructure, so there is much for me to learn about clocks from outside the US.

Several known decapitation devices such as the Italian Mannaia, the Scottish Maiden, and the Halifax Gibbet are well documented and may pre-date the use of the French guillotine by as much as years. The following deals mostly with the modern guillotine from the late 18th Century until today. It is not meant to be a complete history or even a complete overview of the history as this would take hundreds of pages. Instead consider it a brief introduction to the subject highlighted by a few good pictures.

He was a medical doctor and lawmaker who in proposed that the death penalty should be equal for all, regardless of social rank and nature of the crime. It would be carried out by a swift mechanical device to eliminate suffering. His idea was derided at first but later the National Assembly revived it and them adopted it in The document making the death penalty “by mechanical decapitation” the law of the land in the Kingdom of France was signed both by Dr.

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The purpose of this blog is to document biosolids and water extraction projects that do not meet zoning requirements, in an effort to protect the rights of neighboring landowners and residents. We all live downstream. Let’s look at a reliable source to see if this is real, or nonsense – who builds a road on private property? The map above right is part of sheet 3, clearly showing that the Gower property line is along the edge of Stone Arch Bridge Road.

Weston didn’t put sheet 3 into evidence.

A ride on Verde Canyon Railroad’s historic route fromClarkdale to Perkinsville and back – Copper Spike Café and Whistle Stop Shop. A stroll down the sidewalk leads to the John Bell • Sinagua Indian ruins dating back to B.C. • A lively river habitat, the lifeline to a variety of.

A substructure composed of stone, concrete, brick or timber supporting the end of a single span or the extreme end of a multispan superstructure and, in general, retaining or supporting the approach embankment placed in contact with it. See also Retaining Walls, Wing Wall. A portable power-operated machine designed to adz crossties to provide proper bearing for tie plates. The sand, gravel, broken stone or combinations thereof with which the cementing material is mixed to form a mortar or concrete.

The fine material used to produce mortar for stone and brick masonry and for the mortar component of concrete is commonly termed “fine aggregate” while the coarse material used in concrete only is termed “coarse aggregate. A rail joint bar. A piece of flat iron sharpened on one edge driven into the end of a tie to prevent checking and splitting. Drive dowels are used by some roads.

Railroad Workers’ Struggles Continue 140 Years after their First National Strike (1/3)