Wolf Run Shoals

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Needless to say, many of the sites and the material presented overlapped with my Edwards Ferry project. So this made for a good day trip for me, led by some knowledgeable folks. One spot that piqued my interest early in the tour was Wolf Run Shoals. Wolf Run Shoals, on the Occoquan River, was an important crossing point for travelers between Alexandria and Richmond dating to colonial times.

In fact, a small plaque at the site indicates that Washington and Rochambeau used the road and ford in when in route to Yorktown to bottle up Lord Cornwallis. Confederates maintained positions in this vicinity during the winter of As the armies moved further south, supply trains passed through the area. And of course such attracted raiders.

However the most notable events at Wolf Run Shoals occurred in June At the time, the 2nd Vermont Brigade, under Brig.

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Young adult wolves often leave their pack to seek out new territory. The wolf traveled over miles from its irradiated home, ranging into uncontaminated woods and, perhaps, meeting other wolves. The travels of this lone wolf are only known because scientists fitted it with a GPS tracking device to follow its movements. Their research, published last month in the European Journal of Wildlife, begs questions about whether the wolves of Chernobyl might be mating with and passing along any mutated genes to other gray wolf populations, leading to wolves with marred genomes, reproductive problems, or whatever else might come of mutation.

But to begin with, it’s exceedingly unlikely that the radiation outside the ruined Chernobyl reactor — the worst of which long dissipated — has changed the wolves in meaningful ways. It’s possible, though, that some subtler mutations have occurred, and may have spread by wolves journeying well outside the long-abandoned Chernobyl Exclusion Zone CEZ. In fact, these wolf populations are thriving.

The wolf numbers in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone are around seven times higher than in wildlife refuges outside the zone, said Smith, who had no involvement in the wolf-tracking study. Even in “hotspots” with more radiation, mammals haven’t been hit with any observable population declines.

Wolf ousts criticized head of Pa. Human Relations Commission

Along with a few other events such as The catch me outside event , where you take a ‘Nature’ photo yes! So get out there and hone your photography skills for a chance at winning a prize of up to 10 deltas!! Find out more by clicking the link! They will be riddling you silly so have your wits about you! Howloween, Wolfhome’s Halloween and anniversary celebration, will be starting in a few weeks!

87 Werewolf Timeline. BC – King Lycaon of Arcadia serves human flesh to the god Zeus and is transformed into a wolf as punishment. The term “Lycanthrope” is derived from this story. BC – In “Histories of Herodotus“, the traveller Herodotus of Halicarnassus ( BC – BC) writes of the Neuri people, who transform into wolves once a year.

Behavior[ edit ] At La Brea, predatory birds and mammals were attracted to dead or dying herbivores that had become mired, and then these predators became trapped themselves. Note the baculum between the rear legs. The difference between the male and female of a species apart from their sex organs is called sexual dimorphism , and in this regard little variance exists among the canids.

It can be assumed that dire wolves lived in packs of relatives that were led by an alpha pair. Like the gray wolf today, the dire wolf probably used its post-carnassial molars to gain access to marrow, but the dire wolf’s larger size enabled it to crack larger bones. The most breakage occurred in the spotted hyena that consumes all of its prey including the bone; the least breakage occurred in the African wild dog , and the gray wolf ranked in between these two.

The most commonly broken teeth are the canines, followed by the premolars, carnassial molars, and incisors. Canines are the teeth most likely to break because of their shape and function, which subjects them to bending stresses that are unpredictable in both direction and magnitude. The risk of tooth fracture is also higher when killing large prey. These higher fracture rates were across all teeth, but the fracture rates for the canine teeth were the same as in modern carnivores.

The dire wolf broke its incisors more often when compared to the modern gray wolf; thus, it has been proposed that the dire wolf used its incisors more closely to the bone when feeding. Dire wolf fossils from Mexico and Peru show a similar pattern of breakage. A study proposed that the higher frequency of tooth breakage among Pleistocene carnivores compared with living carnivores was not the result of hunting larger game, something that might be assumed from the larger size of the former.

When there is low prey availability, the competition between carnivores increases, causing them to eat faster and thus consume more bone, leading to tooth breakage.

Wolf ousts criticized head of Pa. Human Relations Commission

He is a hybrid wolfdog. Or maybe some coyote, no one knows. He is drop-dead gorgeous and is flat out terrified of strangers.

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Taxonomy[ edit ] Comparative image of the red wolf C. In , Atkins and Dillon conducted a study on the brains of canids and confirmed the basal characteristics of the red wolf. In addition, Wilson et al. However, these conclusions were disputed, [35] [37] and MSW3 [5] listed them both in as subspecies of the gray wolf. This study analyzed 48, single nucleotide polymorphisms SNPs and found no evidence for a unique eastern wolf or red wolf species. While it is true that many SNPs were examined, whether loci important to red wolf genetic variation were actually identified and analyzed for example, nuclear DNA was not compared in the SNP analysis remains unclear.

Second, the study sampled modern red wolf specimens, and not historic red wolf specimens from prior to when extensive hybridization with coyotes is known to have taken place , which obfuscates the reliability of the study’s findings. This is important because using historic red wolf genetic material would have created a baseline genetic profile for the species against which to test the modern captive-bred specimens.

It is common knowledge that the captive-bred red wolves are likely slightly hybridized, but this is a separate issue from interpreting their species origin as due to hybridization. Third, the authors lumped eastern wolf specimens which critics from Trent University warn are of unverified origin with other Great Lakes wolf specimens, and did not test them separately, which again obfuscated any genetic differences that may have been present. The controversy over the eastern wolf’s origins is not considered by the scientific community to be laid to rest, although it may be synonymous with the red wolf.

The Florida black wolf Canis rufus floridanus Maine to Florida [45] has been extinct since and Gregory’s wolf Canis rufus gregoryi south-central United States [45] was declared functionally extinct in the wild by The Texas red wolf Canis rufus rufus , the third subspecies, was also functionally extinct in the wild by , although that status was changed to critically endangered when captive-bred red wolves from Texas were reintroduced in eastern North Carolina in

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